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NUTRI-Mins Hoof and Horn

NUTRI-Mins Hoof and Horn is a complete high specification supplement that provides essential vitamins & minerals. The product contains Biotin, Iodine, Zinc and ZinMet® (Zinc Methionine), which have been shown to have direct or indirect benefits on hoof quality, growth and strength.

The product is designed to be fed to fortify the hooves and chitinous tissues at times when animals are predisposed to foot abscess and other infections.

NUTRI-Mins Hoof and Horn is a waterproofed, loose lick for all weather use and is presented in a consistent granular form that is molassed to optimise intake.

Nutritional Analysis

Salt % 30
Calcium % 18
Phosphorous % 1.8
Potassium % 0.2
Sulphur % 0.3
Magnesium % 1.4
Vitamin A iu/kg 250,000
Vitamin D iu/kg 50,000
Vitamin E mg/kg 2000
Biotin mg/kg 200
Cobalt mg/kg 50
Copper mg/kg 5
Iodine mg/kg 500
Iron mg/kg 1500
Manganese mg/kg 2000
Molybdenum mg/kg 5
Selenium mg/kg 5
Total Zinc mg/kg 6000
Organic Zinc mg/kg 3000
    (as Zinmet)

Store in a cool, dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is hoof and horn health important?

Hoof health is vital to production; a lame animal will not move to find forage resulting in decreased weight gain, and will also not seek to reproduce. Infections have a negative impact on the production levels of the animal and also increase costs, therefore prevention is key through supplementation.

What is ZinMet®?

ZinMet® is an organic, highly available complex of the amino acid methionine and zinc that will bypass rumen degradation making ZinMet® more readily available for absorption through the gastrointestinal tract.

What are the benefits of having ZinMet® in Hoof and Horn?

As ZinMet® is more readily available for absorption by the animal, it can be of greater benefit in terms of hoof health. Zinc is involved in wound healing, epithelial tissue repair, hoof hardness, maintenance of cellular integrity and hoof lamina, as well as stimulating keratin production.

Why use a granular loose lick?

Animals have greater access due to increased surface area with the loose lick ensuring that every animal can easily access the supplement. It is also easier to consume as there is no licking a hard block and animals do not forfeit vital grazing time.

Pack size
20 KG 
Rate of use
SHEEP 15-30 Grams / Head / Day   CATTLE 100-140 Grams / Head / Day

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