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NUTRI-Mins HiMag

Livestock grazing fresh pasture and fodder crops are often deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals required to optimise growth, performance, reproduction and maintenance.

NUTRI-Mins HiMag is a balanced formulation of essential minerals and trace elements that provides the animals with the daily levels required to maintain health and maximise productivity. Higher levels of available magnesium have been included to assist in controlling grass tetany and any other nutritional deficiencies associated with fresh pasture and grazed cereal crops.

NUTRI-Mins HiMag is a waterproofed, loose lick for all weather use and is presented in a consistent granular form that is molassed to optimise intake.

Nutritional Analysis

Cobalt G/Kg 0.05
Iodine G/Kg 0.015
Selenium G/Kg 0.005
Potassium % 0.1
Iron G/Kg 5
Magnesium % 15
Manganese G/Kg 2.6
Sulphur % 0.4
Zinc G/Kg 2.0
Salt % 35
Phosphorus % 2.0
Calcium % 17

Available magnesium 6%.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do livestock need high levels of magnesium?

Nutritional deficiencies associated with fresh pasture and grazed cereal crops can be minimised through the use of effective magnesium supplementation. NUTRI-Mins HiMag is designed to be fed at times of high nutritional demand. The product contains high levels of magnesium from four sources to target the key sites of magnesium absorption within the animal. The product also contains acid (anionic) salts to assist in mobilising magnesium stored in the body.

Are there any other benefits to magnesium supplementation?

As the product contains optimum levels of essential minerals and trace elements necessary for performance and growth on pasture. It has been shown that by providing a magnesium supplement there is an improvement in average daily gain.1

Why supplement grazing livestock?

Vitamin and mineral supplementation can correct subclinical cases of nutritional deficiency, which can have a greater economic impact than clinical cases of deficiency. Supplementation benefits immune function, reproduction rates, rumen function, feed conversion efficiency, average daily gain and therefore improve production.

Why use a granular loose lick?

Animals have greater access due to increased surface area with the loose lick ensuring that every animal can easily access the supplement. It is also easier to consume as there is no licking a hard block and animals do not forfeit vital grazing time.

What happens if NUTRI-Mins HiMag gets wet?

All of the products in the NUTRI-Mins range are protected with a weather proofing agent, so water will run off and not dissolve the product, provided the feed points are well drained. No shelter is required for the product to be used all year round.

What type of feed points should be used?

Dedicated troughs can be used where available, however any well anchored feed points can be used. A practical and low cost option would be to use the top or bottom third of a 205 litre drum.

How many feed points are required?

Allow one feed point per 25 head of cattle and for every 50 head of sheep. Place feed points away from water sources but in positions frequented by the animals.

Can anything else be added?

Approved ionophores such as Monensin or Lasalocid sodium (Bovatec®) and sources of organic zinc (Zinmet®) can be included into the products upon request. Custom blending to meet specific vitamin and mineral requirements can be arranged.

Pack size
20 KG 
Rate of use
SHEEP 10-30 Grams / Head / Day   CATTLE 40-100 Grams / Head / Day

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