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NUTRI-Mins GP Plus Urea

Livestock grazing dry standing feeds and crop residues are often deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals required to optimise growth, performance, reproduction and maintenance.

NUTRI-Mins GP Plus Urea is a balanced formulation of essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins and non-protein nitrogen (NPN) that provides the animals with the daily levels required to maintain health and maximise productivity. The product provides the animal with a specific non-protein nitrogen source (urea) to help improve forage utilisation.

NUTRI-Mins GP Plus Urea is a waterproofed, loose lick for all weather use and is presented in a consistent granular form that is molassed to optimise intake.

Nutritional Analysis

Vitamin A MIU 0.250
Vitamin D MIU 0.050
Vitamin E G/Kg 0.750
Cobalt G/Kg 0.06
Iodine G/Kg 0.02
Selenium G/Kg 0.0075
Potassium % 0.15
Iron G/Kg 3.5
Magnesium % 3
Manganese G/Kg 3
Sulphur % 1.2
Zinc G/Kg 2.5
Salt % 33
Phosphorus % 2.1
Calcium % 17.5
Protein (Urea) % 27

Store in a cool, dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do livestock on dry feed benefit from urea?

When livestock only have access to dry feed with low protein, urea is fed to stimulate microbial activity in the rumen, increasing feed intake. The micro flora convert urea to ammonia which can then be used to synthesise protein for use in the body.

Why supplement grazing livestock?

Vitamin and mineral supplementation can correct subclinical cases of nutritional deficiency, which can have a greater economic impact than clinical cases of deficiency. Supplementation benefits immune function, reproduction rates, rumen function, feed conversion efficiency, average daily gain and therefore improve production.

What is the best way to safely introduce NUTRI-Mins GP Plus Urea?

Livestock should be introduced to NUTRI-Mins General Purpose to stabilise intakes before progressing to the NUTRI-Mins GP plus Urea. Do not feed to livestock prone to engorgement as this product contains urea and may be toxic with excessive intake.

Why use a granular loose lick?

Animals have greater access due to increased surface area with the loose lick ensuring that every animal can easily access the supplement. It is also easier to consume as there is no licking a hard block and animals do not forfeit vital grazing time.

Pack size
Rate of use
SHEEP 10-30 Grams / Head / Day   CATTLE 4-100 Grams / Head / Day

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