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NUTRI-Mins Ewe and Lamb

Ewes grazing pasture and fodder crops while pregnant and lactating are often deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals required to optimise growth, performance, reproduction and maintenance.

NUTRI-Mins Ewe and Lamb is a balanced formulation of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins that provides the ewe with the daily levels required to maintain health and maximise productivity pre and post lambing.

NUTRI-Mins Ewe and Lamb is a waterproofed, loose lick for all weather use and is presented in a consistent granular form that is molassed to optimise intake.

Nutritional Analysis

Vitamin A MIU 0.250
Vitamin D MIU 0.05
Vitamin E G/Kg 0.750
Cobalt G/Kg 0.08
Iodine G/Kg 0.03
Selenium G/Kg 0.01
Potassium % 0.2
Iron G/Kg 2.5
Magnesium % 15
Manganese G/Kg 4
Sulphur % 0.3
Zinc G/Kg 3
Salt % 30
Phosphorus % 4.8
Calcium % 18

Store in a cool, dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why supplement pregnant and lactating ewes?

The nutritional demands for major minerals, trace elements and essential vitamins increase during pregnancy, particularly during the critical last trimester as the ewe must meet the energy demands of the growing foetus. NUTRI-Mins Ewe and Lamb provides higher levels of Vitamin E for ewe health, immune response and lamb survival. The product also supplies high levels of calcium and phosphorus to support foetal development and milk production.

When should NUTRI-Mins Ewe and Lamb be fed?

NUTRI-Mins Ewe and lamb should be made available to ewes from six to four weeks prior to lambing and continue feeding to ewes and lambs for at least six weeks post lambing.

Why use a granular loose lick?

Animals have greater access due to increased surface area with the loose lick ensuring that every animal can easily access the supplement. It is also easier to consume as there is no licking a hard block and animals do not forfeit vital grazing time.

Pack size
20 KG 
Rate of use
SHEEP 10-30 Grams / Head / Day  

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