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Livestock grazing pasture and fodder crops are often deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals required to optimise growth, performance, reproduction and maintenance.

NUTRI-Liq General Purpose is a free flowing and palatable molasses based liquid feed that contains a range of suspended essential vitamins, trace minerals, protein and amino acids. The product is formulated as a self- regulating intake supplement, with intakes dependent on pasture type and quality and varying accordingly.

Designed specifically for ad lib feeding of cattle on freestanding pasture or cultivated fodder crops, NUTRI-Liq General Purpose has been formulated to assist livestock with body maintenance and conditioning while grazing dry pasture.

Nutritional Analysis

Dry Matter 60.0%
Protein 24.0%
Salt 8.0%
Calcium 3.0%
Phosphorus 1.25%
Potassium 2.8%
Magnesium 5.0%
Vitamin A 50,000 iu
Vitamin D3 5,000 iu
Vitamin E 250 mg/kg
Flavomycin 15 ppm
Monensin 225 ppm

Store in a cool, dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do livestock need high levels of magnesium?

Nutritional deficiencies associated with fresh pasture and grazed cereal crops can be minimised through the use of effective magnesium supplementation. NUTRI-Liq HiMag is designed to be fed at times of high nutritional demand. The product contains high levels of magnesium from four sources to target the key sites of magnesium absorption within the animal. The product also contains acid (anionic) salts to assist in mobilising magnesium stored in the body.

Are there any other benefits to magnesium supplementation?

As the product contains optimum levels of essential minerals and trace elements necessary for performance and growth on pasture. It has been shown that by providing a magnesium supplement there is an improvement in average daily gain.

What other benefits are there of NUTRI-Liq HiMag?

The product contains high levels of minerals and trace elements to maximise rumen function. The combination of both monensin and Flavomycin at the recommended levels lead to improved weight gain and feed conversion efficiency.

Why supplement grazing livestock?

Vitamin and mineral supplementation can correct subclinical cases of nutritional deficiency, which can have a greater economic impact than clinical cases of deficiency. Supplementation benefits immune function, reproduction rates, rumen function, feed conversion efficiency, average daily gain and therefore improve production.

Why use a molasses based liquid supplement?

This product has been developed as a highly palatable alternative to a granular loose lick. When cattle are grazing pastures that are high in potassium and low in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus it vital to ensure that intakes are high enough to effectively correct nutritional deficiencies.

What happens if NUTRI-Liq HiMag gets wet?

Excess water should be removed, however the product is still safe as the urea is held in suspension.

What type of feed points should be used?

NUTRI-Liq HiMag is suitable for feeding in open troughs, roller drums and lick wheels.

Can NUTRI-Liq HiMag be fed to equines?

NO, feeding this product to horses or other equines may be fatal, as it contains urea.

Pack size
1000 KG 
Rate of use
SHEEP 0.1kg / Head / Day   Cattle 0.5kg - 1kg / Head / Day

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