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NUTRI-Liq General Purpose

Livestock grazing pasture and fodder crops are often deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals required to optimise growth, performance, reproduction and maintenance.

NUTRI-Liq General Purpose is a free flowing and palatable molasses based liquid feed that contains a range of suspended essential vitamins, trace minerals, protein and amino acids. The product is formulated as a self- regulating intake supplement, with intakes dependent on pasture type and quality and varying accordingly.

Designed specifically for ad lib feeding of cattle on freestanding pasture or cultivated fodder crops, NUTRI-Liq General Purpose has been formulated to assist livestock with body maintenance and conditioning while grazing dry pasture.

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 15%
Equiv.Protein Max 13%
Salt 10%
Maximum Urea 3%
Dry Matter 67%
Energy(DM) 10.1 MJ/kg
Bovatec(Lasalocid) 200 mg/kg
Calcium 0.6%
Phosphorus 0.8%
Potassium 1.9%
Sulphur 0.7%
Iron 42 mg/kg
Iodine 2 mg/kg
Zinc 168 mg/kg
Manganese 148 mg/kg
Copper 12 mg/kg
Cobalt 2 mg/kg
Selenium 0.4 mg/kg
Vitamin A 46 000 IU/kg
Vitamin E 221 mg/kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Why supplement grazing livestock?

Vitamin and mineral supplementation can correct subclinical cases of nutritional deficiency, which can have a greater economic impact than clinical cases of deficiency. Supplementation benefits immune function, reproduction rates, rumen function, feed conversion efficiency, average daily gain and therefore improve production.

What other benefits are there of NUTRI-Liq General Purpose?

The product contains high levels of minerals and trace elements to maximise rumen function. The inclusion of lasalocid sodium (Bovatec®) at the recommended levels can lead to improved weight gain and feed conversion efficiency.

Why use a molasses based liquid supplement?

This product has been developed as a highly palatable alternative to a granular loose lick. When livestock are grazing dry pastures, a molasses based liquid supplement will ensure the supply of essential nutrients, which will stimulate the microbes in the rumen leading to increased intake and utilisation of available pasture.

What happens if NUTRI-Liq General Purpose gets wet?

Excess water should be removed, however the product is still safe as the urea is held in suspension.

What type of feed points should be used?

NUTRI-Liq General Purpose is suitable for feeding in open troughs, roller drums and lick wheels.

Can NUTRI-Liq General Purpose be fed all year round?

YES, NUTRI-Liq General Purpose can be fed at any time of the yearandatanystageofproduction.Howeveratcertaintimes, such as lambing and/or calving, or when the risk of metabolic disease is high, a more specific supplementation program can better meet the changing nutrient requirements of the animal.We suggest contacting your local AAN representative to discuss targeted supplementation options.

Can NUTRI-Liq General Purpose be used in a total mixed ration?

Yes, this product can be used in a total mixed ration, however we suggest contacting your local AAN representative to discuss the different supplementation options that are available.

Is NUTRI-Liq General Purpose suitable for both cattle and sheep?

Yes, this product is designed to be a dual purpose, highly palatable lick that can be offered to both cattle and sheep, even when grazing in the same paddock. The lasalocid sodium included is effective for both species.

Can NUTRI-Liq General Purpose be fed to any other animals?

NO, feeding this product to horses, other equines or dogs may be fatal, as it contains urea. This product is purposely designed for feeding to sheep and cattle only.

Pack size
1000 KG 
Rate of use
Sheep 0.1kg / head / day   Cattle 0.5kg-1kg / head / day

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