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NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate

Lambs on a high grain feedlot diet or on a supplementary feeding program will often be deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals required to optimise growth, performance, reproduction and maintenance.

NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate is a nutritionally designed formulation for ready inclusion in high grain feedlot diets or supplementary feeding programs for sheep and lambs.

NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate provides a balanced profile of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. The combination of vitamins, minerals, non-protein nitrogen (NPN) and lasalocid sodium (Bovatec®) enables sheep and lambs to obtain more energy from any ration, improving average daily gain and overall feed efficiency.

Nutritional Analysis

Vitamin A



Vitamin D



Vitamin E













3% (max.)


Plus Trace elements: Cobalt, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium.

Rumen Modifiers/Buffers: Lasalocid Sodium: 40mg/kg Contains Acid Buff Store in a cool, dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should the pellet be mixed with grain?

The most effective way to mix NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate with grain is via a vertical or ribbon mixer. This will ensure even distribution of the pellet through the mix. Alternatively, if a mixer is not available, pellet can be added at a proportional rate while the grain is being augered, ensuring care is taken to maintain even distribution. Why use a pellet instead of a powder? Once mixed, the pellet will remain evenly spread throughout the grain and will not fall to the bottom of the feeder as may occur when using a powdered supplement. This ensures that sheep and lambs receive consistent amounts of supplement while consuming the final ration.

What is the added protein?

The protein included in the pellet is in the form of cottonseed meal and non-protein nitrogen (urea). This is to assist producers who may not be feeding total mixed rations to meet the protein requirements of the animals.

What buffers are included in the product?

NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate contains Acid Buff to help control and/or prevent acidosis. A critical part of managing the risk associated with acidosis is correct feedlot induction and ration management.

What Rumen Modifiers are included in the product?

Lasalocid sodium (Bovatec®), a registered ionophore, is included in NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate as a rumen modifier. It works to shift rumen fermentation patterns to improve feed conversion efficiencies and increase average daily gain. Lasalocid sodium has also been shown to decrease the incidence of coccidiosis.

Are any other additives required while using NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate?

No, the product provides a complete source of essential vitamins and minerals. We suggest contacting your local AAN representative to discuss options before including any other additives in the ration.

Can NUTRI-Lamb Concentrate be fed to any other animals?

NO, feeding this product to horses, other equines or dogs may be fatal, as it contains urea. This product is purposely designed for feeding to sheep and lambs only.

Pack size
25 KG 
Rate of use
5% or 50kg / tonne of finished feed  

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